BIG Profile

We want to become the ‘go to’ technology center for the Oil & Gas and the petrochemical industry throughout the Middle East, attending to the regions’ downstream, midstream and upstream Oil & Gas requirements. We are also working continuously with cross-industry organizations, to support technology developments that will solve key industry challenges. The services we offer are provided during pre-commissioning and commissioning of new facilities or during turnaround maintenance of an existing facility.

The company’s products include highly engineered capital equipment as well as products that are consumed in well construction, completion, production and transportation of Oil and Gas.

Highly experienced crew and cutting-edge pipeline equipment are key factors in our prompt response to clients’ needs. Our industrial constituents offer services that adhere to high standards of quality, health, safety, environment (QHSE).

BIG offers the following services:

Liner Tieback

ISO certified Liner Tieback system enables operators to connect their liners to a tieback string of casing through a full axial load, bearing metal-to-metal seal. Its impressive load bearing capabilities coupled with no elastomers means that this technology meets, and in some cases exceeds, legislative requirements for the life of the Well.

In short, the benefits of Liner Tieback are:

  • Structural integrity
  • Extended reach drilling
  • Slot recovery
  • Legislative compliance
  • One trip – no space out
  • Metal to metal barrier
  • Gas tight VO- rated connection
  • No reduction in internal diameter
  • Full axial load bearing connection
  • Life of Well seal 50+ years

Casing Reconnect

Reduce the cost and simplify the process of casing repair with Casing Reconnect. It allows operators to replace damaged or stuck casing by cutting the original damaged casing and deploying the Casing Reconnect. The metal-to-metal technology reconnects the existing casing to the new casing, in order to create a high axial load bearing connection. No elastomers, no reduction in ID, 98% reliability and a well integrity solution across the life of the well.

Open Hole Barrier

It is the ultimate downhole isolation packer for the most adverse Well conditions. With a morphing ratio of over 60% and its differential pressure capabilities, this durable and reliable barrier sets instantly, conforming perfectly to the open hole. Lasting for the lifetime of a Well and exceeding the capabilities of cement, it gives operators the much-needed peace of mind. Multiple barriers can be morphed and set from the surface, saving valuable time and resources. The barriers are attached to base casing and are resistant to any degradation from fluids. Contact force is also maintained in the most challenging gas production and injection environments.

META Internal Clad™ allows operators to maximize production and profitability by providing the flexibility to produce wherever and whenever they want to.

Installing a casing/liner Clad below an existing Clad is a big challenge for all operators dealing with aged Wells and trying to maintain some residual flexibility for the future.  The META Internal Clad™ solution addresses these issues while enhancing Well productivity through the world’s first rig-less ‘clad through clad’ system. Field proven, the META Internal Clad™ allows identical clads to be installed below existing ones, without significant ID reductions, reinstating well integrity and enabling production to be brought back to full capacity.

Highly effective in challenging Well environments, tool flexibility allows the internal clad to pass through highly deviated sections of the well. The ability to isolate selected zones without significant ID restrictions brings an end to the limitations of ‘bottom-up’ production and allows operators to maintain the well access for future interventions.

In recent years, horizontal Well technology has evolved as the most favorable option in drilling and completing deep and tight reservoirs as opposed to the conventional vertical and deviated Well profiles. The advantages include maximum reservoir contact, higher production rate and better access to hydrocarbon reserves.

In short following are the key benefits of META Internal Clad™

  • Integrity clad with no loss of ID and perforation isolation
  • Multiple conveyance method
  • Clad through clad capability
  • Minimal OD to run in hole
  • Gas tight sealing technology
  • Solid mechanical barrier
  • Precision shaping of metal
  • Maximum ID post isolation
  • Life of well barrier

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