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Our information technology system is futuristic and offers a highly ultra-modern digital platform that acts as a single window provider facilitating information flow to all our stakeholders, traders and port authorities.

Baas Port Services is the first port in KSA and 5th in the world to implement NAVIS N4 2.+ SAP + PsilogTechlogix Wi-Fi as the terminal operating system. The technological advancement enables all the shipping lines and agents in the world to track their containers online, remotely.

NAVIS N4 2.3

BPS has access to Saudi Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and can access information related to the container movement before the vessel arrives at King Abdul Aziz Sea Port, Dammam or the Riyadh Dry Port. The information collected from the EDI can be uploaded in any standard formats in the NAVIS N4 system, without any manual intervention and can be used for report generation, notifying all agents and shipping lines. N4 currently supports the internationally recognized formats of reports like CODECO, COARRI and BAPLIE. If and when a query arises regarding the container movement, a dedicated team is always there to respond to it. N4 also provides rail options, for advanced monitoring and management of containers irrespective of their location.

Once the containers are offloaded from the wagons at the port, the movement along with the location are monitored using Wireless PsilogTechlogix equipment. This technology enables all the Radio Data Terminals (RDT’s), Vehicle Mounted Terminals (VMT’s) and Hand-Held Devices to communicate with NAVIS SPARCS N4 system in recording the movement and location of containers. All the Straddle Carriers, Reach Stackers and Trucks are installed with these equipments and are controlled with the Equipment Control Department in NAVIS.

SPARCSN4 system is built on highly scalable fault tolerant architecture, based upon the J2EE design concept, advanced metadata driven model and highly configurable rules. SPARCS N4 intends to meet specific needs with system options that involve advanced configuration, customization and integration. Standard options offer full configurability and flexibility of SPARCS N4.


XPS is another powerful module that BPS has utilized for its planning and yard utilization. With effective planning and utilization BPS can handle at least 20% more containers in the same area compared to previous contractors. The current yard capacity can efficiently be put to more use as compared to earlier. This was clearly evident in the month of May 2014, when BPS reached a highest of 26,000 TEU’s container movement since the inception of Riyadh Dry Port in 1982 which was duly acknowledged by Saudi Railways Organization.


ECN4 offers an advanced system of detailed yard model, graphical yard view, real time yard planning and complete management of rail operations. The system can maneuver real time container movement with equipment control.


BAAS International Group has implemented the world’s leading ERP solutions provider SAP to support its Terminal Operating System NAVIS. SAP provides Human Resource Management, Sales and Distribution and Financial Administration to Riyadh Dry Port.

The software takes care of all the billing details, Freight charges are collected at Dammam before the container arrives at the Riyadh Dry Port. Container Charges and Port Charges are collected once the container arrives at the port resulting in transparency and flexible billing. All the shipping lines and agents are sent invoices for each and every container that is billed. This transparent way of billing allows SAP to generate detailed reports, with clear revenue history, which is then sent to SRO highlighting the total amount of revenue generated at the end of every day. Weekly and monthly reports from SAP determine the health and the statistics of Riyadh Dry Port.

Technical Department

The overall objective of the department is to service and maintain our fleet of equipment i.e. supporting the Operations Department through the availability of the Container Handling Equipment. The Operations Department gets support from the eleven Reefer Technicians, who monitor the condition of the Reefer cargoes on a 24 hours basis and report to the Operations Manager.

Our company owned Equipment consists of the following:


Straddle Carrier


Reach Stacker


Forklift (10 Tons)


Empty Handler


Trailer / Truck


Terminal Truck


Forklift (3 Tons)

Reefer Department

  • The Reefer Department comes under both Operations and Technical departments. In this division, staff members from various nationalities like India/Philippines/Saudi Arabia are working together to provide quality service to our customers.
  • The department is controlled by an engineer with other support staff like technicians/computer operators/helpers.
  • Riyadh Dry Port had the capacity of 200 reefer plugging until a decade ago, now it has almost 400 reefers.
  • At Riyadh Dry Port, reefer operation starts after the train wagons arrive from Dammam Port, with the reefer units. These reefer units are brought in the rail wagon while being plugged to rail borne (INMESOL) generators, for continuous power supply.
  • After arriving at the Riyadh Dry Port, the control room maneuvers the offloading process from the wagon and movement to the reefer location.
  • On getting the required power supply, the reefers are entered into the Navis system.
  • Every two hours, each and every reefer unit’s temperature is monitored and maintained. If any problem occurs in the maintenance of temperature then our reefer team finds a solution to the problem at hand; and if any major issue occurs, the agent is advised regarding the cross-stuffing with a new reefer box in the Custom’s presence.
  • Once charges are paid by the agent, Customs as well as the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) start to inspect the containers. Upon clearance, by both customs and SFDA, the agent can collect the container from the Riyadh reefer yard.

Al-Bilad Arabia (ABA)

A Saudi owned leading IT services provider since 2002, ABA is based in the Eastern Province and handles clients across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. The company’s core focus is to provide on-time SAP services and solutions of the highest quality and budget to its clients.


Established in 2011, a SAP Consulting and Implementation company with offices in Saudi Arabia, India Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain, BaasKaar is expanding at a rapid pace addressing the rising demand for SAP in the overseas market. The main focus of the company is to provide SAP services and solutions of the highest quality, on time and within budget to its clients in the GCC region.


Empower and engage your employees, customers, and stakeholders in new and innovative ways with mobile software solutions from SAP. Our industry-leading technology can deliver extraordinary impact across your organization, transforming everything from business transactions to consumer interactions.
SAP Mobility solutions give your employees and customers more freedom and flexibility in how they interact with you. You can offer your customers better service and provide your employees with secure access to important tools and data anywhere, anytime, using their own mobile devices. In this way, you can empower mobile users with more flexibility and options in the new “customer first” economy, rapidly innovate to deliver user-centric mobile solutions for employees, consumers, and partners, lower your total cost of ownership by streamlining operations and processes and protect yourself against security risks and challenges at the device, app, and content levels.
Since mobile data is shared and exchanged in micro-second speed, enterprises need secure yet cost effective Mobility solutions. We at ABA & BK, our experienced consultants can offer secured SAP’s Mobility solutions which are specifically devised for businesses to give the absolute power of controlling, retrieving & sharing the data whenever and wherever needed.

Analyze big data at the speed of thought and drive rapid innovation with SAP’s market-leading in-memory platform, SAP HANA. Optimized for both transactional and analytical processing, it’s no surprise that SAP HANA is the clear leader in the in-memory market.
The revolutionary “In Memory Computing”, SAP HANA empowers customers to analyze big data from virtually any source, in real time. SAP HANA enables users to explore and analyze all transactional and analytical data in real time from virtually any data source. Thus enterprises can dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, sentiment data processing, and predictive capabilities, with this exceptional platform. Its configurability, easy integration, and revolutionary capabilities make it flexible. This makes transformational agility effortless.
We at ABA & BK, our experienced consultants offer SAP HANA solutions that help source immediate responses for all business questions, even regarding big data. We also can get to the bottom of interactive, complication issues by getting to the core data. Thus, we can cut down the time required for results by delivering results in split seconds. Additionally, we use data latency caused by ETL through real-time application.

Our experienced SAP HANA consultants can offer the following services:

HANA Consulting
HANA consulting consists of four distinct entities, each with specialized features. HANA Readiness Assessment helps enterprises closely examine their business and map HANA fitment.
HANA Instance Sizing recommends HANA sizing and data replication options while Hardware Procurement looks into the purchasing of HANA appliances at an optimal cost. Then there is Project Charter for the preparation of the HANA implementation project plan.

HANA Implementation
This vertical consists of SAP BW Upgrade & SAP HANA Conversion to enable the migration of existing SAP Net weaver Business Warehouse into SAP HANA, along with “SAP Business Suite on HANA” for new SAP Business Suite implementation on SAP HANA.

HANA Migration
Migrations of two types operate under this. There are SAP Applications, where in there is the migrating of existing SAP application DB into SAP HANA DB. There are also Non-SAP Applications with non-SAP legacy data migration into SAP HANA using SAP Landscape Transformation and Data Services.

HANA Support
This includes end-to-end HANA Support Services administration with expertise fronts such as monitoring and support, HANA component upgrade and HANA fine tuning.

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